Feedback of Iron Fist In Netflix

Maybe now you have already heard of Iron Fist on Netflix which came out few weeks ago. People have different comment about the movie series. Some people think that this TV series on Netflix has the most negative feedback. There are plenty of critics about this series on Netflix, maybe because of misleading role of the actor or whatever the writer has done about the series.

So to find out what’s really going on with Iron Fist let us look with the negative and positive feedback of the series so we can truly figure it out. There are lots of comment people about Danny Rand because the character of the Iron Fist lack taste of fighting and basically begins as an American character who learn Chinese Kung Fu from a mystic place of Kun-Lun and was given a title of Iron Fist.

The story depicts how the main character grows in a different world and then coming to urban city of the State. People think that the character should be oriental, but as you have follow the story Rand comes from City first as a kid then as they go on a trip to some faraway country the plane they have boarded crashed and his the only person who survive and was later adopted by the monks of Kun-Lun a mystic city in the Himalaya Mountains.

What you can see about the series that brings a good taste is thte love interest of Danny Rand, Colleen Wing she looks like Chinese and Japanese but her true heritage is Singaporean. Jessica Henwick an actress from England who play the role of Colleen Wing and she is an ally of Danny Rand in spite Danny found out that Wing is member of the Hand who is his enemy. In spite the conflict he sided on Danny maybe because of the honest and caring nature of Danny. Well, Colleen she is so beautiful and that’s also give the series a plus factor and her fighting scene is very awesome and there are plenty of fighting scene she has that lets you give a thumbs up for her. She’s a good fighter in the series and you will love her natural acting.

Now as the story is revealed, Danny Rand who is a son of a Billionaire and owns the Rand Company will meet once again his childhood bully, yet on the other times sided to his decision. As Danny recall, Ward always bullied Rand but since Danny is now a Kung Fu master and return to the Rand Company things change between the two characters. While Danny having trouble on what he wants to follow, if he should pursue the calling of the Iron Fist and protect Kun-Lun or he will be the Iron Fist that will fight the innocent in the City. While the people who adopted Danny Rand wants Danny to go back to Kun-Lun to fulfill his duty, Danny struggle what to choose and later as he found out that he has a share in the Rand Company he started to make a decision to fix first the problem in Rand Company which begin with Ward Meachum but later on was fix as they work together along with her friend Joy Meachum who is always friendly to him.

Spoiler alert Iron Fist is now finished with its Season 1 series, we don’t know if Netflix will continue to air the Season 2 series of Iron Fist, maybe because the series from the season 1 is so very dragging. The main character having a long time to establish his identity and to have his share in the Rand Company. instead of doing some Kung Fu action. Shall Netflix continue air this series? well this depends on what Iron Fist might bring on the Season 2.