Bo’s Advantage One of the Best Character in Brawl Stars

One of the advance brawlers is Bo, a hunter with an advance stats, a highly and accurate ranger with a good staring movement speed off 650. His weapon is a mythical bow and arrow with the staring average damage 10 per attack. A kind of hunter that is good as starter and a frontliner because of his starting HP which is 800. It is better to take advantage of his high HP and his excellence for tanking in a short game.

Bo releases a trio of exploding arrows, tearing up enemies like an eagle’s talons.
Bo’s primary attack will be the Eagle Eyed. The mechanism of the first attack is releasing three arrows that explode during impact. His attack is really fast, so when dealing with his attack you should do side stepping from center to side or side to corner. When you want to evade him, the best thing you can do is slowing him down which is very effective.

Bo’s ultimate skill is Catch a Fox. He hides mega explosive traps on the ground and when the enemy steps on it, it will explode. Sometimes it can double its damage. One explosion can kill instantly if fully upgraded. If multiple opponents are near around the trap, they take some damage and they will be blown away.

Bo’s Hp is great for a tanker and by upgrading it, it will add up some 40 in each level. Tanking, frontliner, damager are his best strategies in order for him to win. By the time that you upgrade your primary attack it will boost up 10 percent damage in each level. Better to upgrade primary attack and then the ultimate. Note that he attacks very fast and it is a disadvantage for him if he is fast caster with low primary attack.

When upgrading the ultimate skill you have to go to this page of reddit, you can ask there if you have any problem of the game, dont forget to ask, its very active forum to answer and ask and interact, I don’t understand why they have open their support there instead of their site since they have a forum too but anyway try to visit that link i provide you can learn lots of stuff with brawl stars there, he can now become an HP sucker, like a vampire that sucks blood until it’s empty. It is easy for him to deflate the enemy’s HP due to its heavy upgraded damage.

It is good that Bo is with somebody that is fast too so that they can suck anything upon their primary attack. Most gamers would like to use him as a trapper. He plants bomb and moves backward. If the enemy steps on it, then it is the time for him to hunt down the remaining HP of the opponent. Bo is very weak on buff or area of Effect skills. If he gets caught, then he is an easy target. Bo has so many strategies on how to eliminate an opponent but he is best at pushing back enemies. Dont forget that that more you will upgrade this character the more the becomes to powerful and that requires more gems to upgrade him to the highest level. So are you ready to spend any money or you want to use the brawl stars cheats 2017. So by choosing to use the tool online not only you can upgrade this character but you can also get additional one and upgrade them tool