Top Exclusive GameS you Can Try, Recommended for None Gamers

1.Blade and soul is a MMORPG that combines open-world mechanics with a combination of various martial arts there’s various PvE and PvP events as well as a pretty extensive combo system to make the combat feel reminiscent of a fighting game.

2.Mirror’s Edge catalyst I don’t know if you ever played the original game but it’s a really great game albeit with a few minor flaws and from the sounds of the developers are trying to address all of those in the new version it’s built is neither a reboot or a prequel but basically being an origin story that kind of sounds like a reboot and a prequel to me one way or the other I don’t really care supposedly the mechanics are vastly improved and they started off great last game so i can’t really see any reason to think this will be anything other than fantastic.

3 Days x mankind divided basically what looks like a very triumph and evolution of human revolution mankind divided continues to follow adam jensen who’s working to stop terrorist attacks the plot will find Jensen basically attempting to find balance between whatever shadowy organization runs who he works for as well as demanding equality for augmented individuals which are looked at as a threat thanks to the events of the previous game and indeed the climate in general.

4.Torment tides of numenera is essentially a spiritual successor to planets Cape torment the game is an absolutely beautiful reminder that a game doesn’t have to be entirely 3d in order to be gorgeous new RPG is have to be third person follow along games no they don’t and I’d like to think the developers of torment for showing everybody a great-looking example that seems like it’s really going to be a nice shot in the arm for the genre.

5. Kingdom come deliverance is a fifteenth-century role playin that takes place in Bohemia it features a classless role-playing system as is seeming to be a rising trend that allows players to customize their skills and create the roles that they want to take on on their own on top of a really very combat system the game also features a need system which requires you to sleep and eat in order to stay healthy equipment and clothing the grades and requires repair basically you’re not just fighting enemies you’re also fighting time.

6.Rise of the Tomb Raider is breaking out of Xbox one exclusive health and landing on the pc in January now if you played the reboot you know that the gameplay has improved massively over the original series but rise of the Tomb Raider really just refines the idea of an open world game to be something that doesn’t distract you away from your main quest really it’s a delicate balance and rise of the Tomb Raider nails it I can’t wait it’ll be nice not to have to boot up Xbox one to play it.

7.Divinity original sin – what’s particularly cool about this is that there’s going to be a skill crafting system where we’ve been talking about classless role-playing games for a while now this is just that to the nth degree on top of that it’s calling its friendship romantic relationship and hatred system love and hate an obvious but well titled system.